Saturday, September 3, 2016

Physiological Adaptations to Sprint Interval Training with Matched Exercise Volume.

Better aerobic and anaerobic adaptation was found in interval training utilizing spurts of 60s of high intensity effort, compared to 10s spurts of high intensity effort. Med Sci Sports Exerc. 2016 Aug 30.

Comment: This is preliminary work, however, it suggests that when working out using interval training, it is more effective to mix in 60s spurts of high activity instead of 10s spurts of high activity. Using comparable total exercise exertion, fewer 60s spurts were superior to more frequent 10s spurts of activity. This suggests that when doing a 30m workout, a reasonable approach would be: 5m of warm-up, followed by 20m of exercise using interval techniques (4m moderate exertion then 1m high exertion repeated 4 times), then 5m of cool-down. Put another way: a) 5 minutes of warm-up exercises, b) 4 minutes of moderate intensity exercise, c) 1 minute of high intensity exercise, d) 4 minutes of moderate intensity exercise, e) 1 minute of high intensity exercise, f) repeat 4 minutes of moderate followed by 1 minute high intensity exercise 2 more times, then finally g) 5 minutes of cool-down exercises.